Chikka Design by F.L.

Discover our handmade fabric bags with decorations and inserts.
They are handcrafted bags entirely made in Italy

Since she was a girl brought to art, fashion and creativity.
Graduated from the Artistic High School and in Plastic and Sculptural Arts, I opened and managed ancient and modern art galleries always cultivating a passion for fashion.
It is from this passion that in 2016 “CHIKKA DESIGN” begins to take shape, a bit of fashion, a
a bit of art, but with a strong desire to create something different and original.
From the careful study of the evolution of fashion, from the paintings of the past to the whole transformation of
costume of the 20th century, combined with the observation of nature, of daily life and my personal taste, all my creations are born.
Each item is handcrafted, by hand as a work of art, and is UNIQUE and UNREPEATABLE.

My bags are colorful and original and above all unique, seeking a refined design, studying the combination of colors and the different materials used.
CHIKKA DESIGN bags and accessories give the wearer that touch of uniqueness and particularity that distinguishes them from global uniformity.

CHIKKA DESIGN studies the shape, the combination of materials, the construction and attention to detail
of each of his creations. Each item is a true Italian artisan and artistic product.

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